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Joyce Long founded and continues to run The Wellness Institute which was born from her own battle with illness, suffering and pain. In fighting and conquering her own cancer, Joyce found benefits in Massage Therapy, Colonics, Lymphatic Drainage and other “alternative” modalities which she now makes available to her clients.

Joyce has achieved International Certification in Colon Hydrotherapy and National Certification in Massage Therapy.

“Our clients become family and we are here

to celebrate their wellness!” –Joyce  Long

I-ACT Member Certified in Colon Hydrotherapy since 1992 & Certified Colonic Hygiene Technician since September 1991

PMA License “Diplomat of Pastoral Science” (D.PSc) Since August 2011

Joyce Long is an entrepreneur, teacher, student, speaker, published writer, nationally and internationally who is from Rosenberg, Texas a small town outside of Houston. Joyce was born and raised in Rosenberg by her Czech grandmother in a house that was built the year she was born. Joyce knew from a young age that there was more out there in this world beyond the borders of Rosenberg, Texas, and even the United states. She has had a vast amount of experiences and has worn many hats through the years, but when Joyce was in her 20;s she started to develop some health issues. This would not break her spirit; this was a muse for Joyce Long. She started educating herself, seeking alternatives, not accepting what doctors considered traditional and living with “it”. Over the years she has had 9 surgeries and died twice, only to be inspired to learn and educate others.

Joyce became a Massage Therapist. Then she became a Massage Therapist with specialties. Joyce has attended numerous classes including specialized training both in the United States and other countries. She discovered the Lymphatic System in our body was the key to having a healthy body and life. In 1984, Joyce began her years of training under Hanna Kroeger known as the “grandmother” of alternative health. In 1995, she furthered her training in the lymphatic system with high frequency techniques in Nevis, Caribbean with Sir Charles McWilliams and continues this training today with him in Ecuador. Joyce has trained numerous people in these methods, spoke to thousands of people at conventions, featured in Edgar Cayce’s book Alive and Well into the New Millennium, appeared on radio talk shows, written countless articles in magazines and spotlighted on major television shows. She is always looking for ways to educate people.

During this journey of alternative modalities, Joyce discovered colon hydrotherapy. She soon discovered that the internal cleansing goes hand in hand with lymphatic drainage. Joyce is a pioneer in the world of colon hydrotherapy. She was among the first colon hydro therapist to be certified in the United States. Joyce was asked by the founding members of the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy (I-ACT) to be on the committee to compose and establish the guidelines/handbook for all therapists both nationally and internationally. This handbook is still the foundation and is in use today by all certified therapists. In addition to being a colon therapist, Joyce is an instructor. She is the first therapist to be certified in colon hydro therapy as an instructor.


Global Festival For Peace, ‘Year Of The Woman’

 On the auspicious day of Radhastami, the Earthdance Global Festival for Peace was held on Saturday, September 22, at the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) temple’s Gauranga Hall.

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Don’t tell Joyce Long she has just a year to live.  She doesn’t take too kindly to that sort of effort to curtail her.  A doctor did that in November 1997, when he diagnosed brain throat and stomach cancer in Long, and she’s still making him pay for it – in her way.

“I call the doctor every Nov. 11,” Long said.  “He’s moved from California, where he diagnosed me, to Las Vegas.  To this day, he says, “I look forward to this call every year.  I learned that you don’t tell a woman from Texas what to do or how long she’s got to live.”

Long is a proud cancer survivor who uses her wellness center in western Rosenberg and another in Houston to help others live a healthier life, too.  A Rosenberg native, she has studied alternative/complementary medicine in Colorado and Guatemala, among other places, before returning to the house where she was born 58 years ago to set up shop…………

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The most underrated purifying system in the human body is the lymphatic system, an integral part of the immune system.  It is a person’s “Life Flow System.”  This system and all of its capillaries are a major part of the body’s cleansing of excess toxic waste.  The body contains three quarts of blood and 12 quarts of lymph.  The lymphatic system moves approximately 45 percent of the waste through the body as it helps drain debris from 17 glands and organs in the endocrine system.  Movement pumps the lymph system. 

Lymph flows through a network of vessels, nodes and other organs.  This system drains fluid from the body’s tissues into the blood stream, transports fats from the gastrointestinal tract to the blood stream and fights infection.  Inside the lymph nodes, white blood cells and antibodies filter out foreign substances such as bacteria……..

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