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What People Are Saying

                                             About Joyce Long

Joey and Joyce are amazing! I have had multiple services with them both. I have used the colonics, wraps, lymphatic drainage massage, foot baths and I also use the products they sell in their office. I could not tell enough people or scream it from enough roof tops how much they have helped me and my health! I have ALWAYS had a sluggish digestive system and suffered from it since I was a baby, but they have helped solve so much of that problem through everything they have done for me…I can’t get enough. It is now my mini spa and my get away and if I miss a week I feel off . . . I recommend them to anyone looking for better ways to find healthy living other than medication! Added bonus is they are the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life, they truly care about your health and well being! I am a lifetime member for sure :)–Jenna


Working on clearing some parasites. Have been coming to Joyce and Joey since October 2011. Had a CT scan a week ago, and the doc told me that my colon (I’m 40, overweight, and history of IBS), is smooth, unblocked, no twists or kinks in it and looks great! I was thrilled, and I know it is from all the care, love, supplementation and hydrotherapy from Joyce and Joey. THANK YOU!!!

The Wellness Institute is a clean, calming, relaxing place. They can provide you with a lot of information on alternative healing methods. I had a colon hydrotherapy. The process was comfortable and dignified. I would recommend this place to family and friends.

I go to the Galleria location, where Joey is. She’s wonderfully helpful and supportive. She makes me feel super comfortable and makes every experience the best yet. I highly recommend the Wellness Institute, which came recommended to me by a good friend.

You guys are the real deal. I’ve been coming to the Wellness Institute for more than 8 years, and it has literally changed my life. Thanks for everything that you do.


I am a victim of violent crime (gunshot to the wrist and head). It’s been over a year since receiving treatment and help in basic recovery from a group of wonderful physicians. However, I’ve never fully regained the health I enjoyed prior to the injury. In fact, my overall health seemed to be on the decline and I was beginning to believe the trend could not be reversed.


Your wise advice on diet along with standard colonics, lymph drainage, and circus-flow (cleaning vascular system through herbal capsules) has already helped a whole lot. I feel better, look better, am finally losing weight, and can exercise almost painlessly. Also, the idea of ridding my intestines and colon of encrusted and hardened matter left from years of poor diet is great.


I truly think I’m finally advancing the status of my physical well-being. All this in only three two-hour sessions at a cost of under $400. Money well spent.

You have an eternal fan here in the battle you are waging against the root causes of physical disease.


Your friend,

David B., Houston, TX


I began having weekly colonics with Joyce Long in November 1993. In April of 1994, I did a liver cleanse followed by weekly colonics.

Being a zoology major in college with a Bachelor of Science degree, I was scared and fascinated when I discovered a worm in my stool with a long body, wing-like projections along the sides of the body that was engorged with my blood. It had a spherical head. I placed it in alcohol and took it to the clinic at Hermann Hospital to have it analyzed. Diagnosis�“a worm!” Since then, I have seen other worms and at least three flukes.

The combination of Joyce Long’s experience as a colonic therapist and as a teacher has greatly assisted me in ridding my body of unnecessary and uninvited parasites and a cleaner, healthier colon, and body.

I have continued to have weekly colonics and I feel much better. I am more in touch with my body and how it functions. Joyce is devoted to healing her clients through her commitment to professionalism and truly being a teacher and a role model for her clients.

Hedy S., Houston, TX

Dear Joyce,

I wanted to thank you for your extraordinary care. As you know, I’ve been a chronic pain sufferer for over 23 years as a result of multiple rear-end collisions. These traumatic injuries to my spine and subsequent surgeries kept me on a constant diet of medications: pain killers, muscle relaxers, migraine meds, and anti-inflammatory drugs. All of these have taken their toll on my digestive system.

I was at my wit's end when I came to you a year ago. My doctors could only offer help in the form of even more medications. I felt positively toxic, saturated, and unhealthy. That all began to change when I started colonic treatments at your wellness center. I’ve not had any codeine for pain in a year, no prescription anti-inflammatory (which I took daily), and I’ve reduced my migraine medication to half. As a result, my digestive system is healing and I’m able to actually take advantage of a healthy diet (impossible if you’re full of toxins).

You’ve been of great help to me. Thank you for your kindness of spirit and generous heart. I’m on the road to recovery and I have you to thank. Be well.


Mitzie F., Houston, TX


In June of this year, after spending thousands on medical treatment for my daughter Emilie, she reached a real crisis. I was frantic. She was lethargic, her back ached, her stomach hurt, her body swelled, she had allergic reactions to food (throat closing and rapid heartbeat), frequent bladder infections, and failure to have periods.

Doctors had placed her on steroids, told us there was nothing wrong, and prescribed a myriad of drugs. She only grew worse. In our search, I had begun juicing, reading all I could, and sending her to a nutritionist. Emilie could not even digest the vitamins he had recommended. I read a book by Dr. Norman Walkers in which he described colonics. One word stuck out “toxic”. Emilie had all the symptoms of being toxic.

A friend recommended Joyce Long Associates Wellness Center for colonics. I called her and she came in on a weekend, sensing the urgency. It is now October and 20 colonics later. Emilie is energetic, has started having periods on her own, is able to have bowel movements on her own, the puffiness is gone and she feels great. I believe the colonics has literally saved her life.

I saw Emilie’s success and decided that since I had colitis and high blood pressure, it couldn’t hurt me.

I am now off my Accupril and have no more blood pressure problems or colon problems. I feel great.

The greatest bonus for me is that my skin and body look years younger than my 49 years. My friends are constantly asking what I’ve done to look so good. I think I’ve found the “fountain of youth and health”�good nutrition, exercise, and COLONICS!!! Joyce Long has worked tirelessly with us and the results are in�we’re doing great!    Cheryl  S.


Atten: Joyce

My name is Patty P. I am forty years young, and live in Charleston, South Carolina. While visiting in my hometown, Houston, Texas, I went to see Psychic Kim O. I told her about my horrible addiction to laxatives in order to have a bowel movement. This addiction had my whole life revolved around my stomach, and to the point that I could not go potty at any time. That was a very tense life I led. I was taking 35-40 laxatives a night, and still could not have a bowel movement. Kim directed me to a local Colonic Therapist named Joyce Long in Houston, Texas.

My first session was very painful. I had been warned that you could become very nauseous and  have headaches, but that was because my body was so full of toxins and old feces. Also, my liver was full of bile. But Joyce helped me through this first session and kept explaining to me why my body functions had shut down. Joyce worked on different pressure points on my body to help eliminate the pain.

Even after my first experience with the first colonic session, I knew that I was going back because she had made sense to me why I needed a series of colonic sessions. But the second session was incredibly amazing to me to see all the old feces come out of my colon. I was so relieved and could not wait for more sessions so I could learn to have a natural bowel movement without using chemicals. I was never embarrassed by this process of colonics. It was done in a very dignified way.

You would not believe the way I look and feel today. Joyce took a picture of me before my first colonic and I looked like I had been held in a concentration camp. She took another at my last colonic and I had shining eyes and healthy looking skin. This has definitely changed my life to where I can function like anyone else.

Thank you, Joyce. I recommend this to everyone, especially with Joyce Long. She’s great!!!


To Whom it May Concern:

I have been a client of Ms. Joyce Long since December 1993. I have had a long history of constipation, complicated by colon polyps in the past two years. Conventional medicine has not improved either of my conditions. I was becoming alarmed because nothing my gastroenterologist or colon surgeon have recommended has worked. I am so relieved now because I know colonic irrigation has finally turned my health around.

After twice weekly colonics for six weeks and a week-long cleanse with daily colonics, I had  a colonoscopy. My colon was clean, without the traditional harsh medical prep. More importantly, my colon was healthy I did have one colon polyp, but it was very small. After removing it, my doctor informed me I would not have to repeat this exam for three years. This was welcome news.

Over the past three months, I have had weekly colonic irrigations and my constipation, although not completely resolved, is much improved. I know with continued colonics, along with drinking lots of water, eating a healthy diet, and regular exercise, my problem with constipation will be a thing of the past.

As a physician myself, I had some doubts about the benefits of colonic irrigation. Certainly I had learned nothing about colonics in medical school or training. I must say, traditional medicine is doing a disservice to the public by remaining uninformed of this highly effective form of therapy.

I highly recommend Mr. Joyce Long to you. She is an excellent therapist. She is also a wonderful teacher, providing literature and information on a routine basis. I have been so impressed with my experience that I have referred both family and friends to Joyce.

I have two daughters, ages ten and eleven, who both have problems with constipation. Although fearful, they tried colonic irrigation and want to continue treatment. Joyce was excellent with them�explaining the procedure and the benefits, and reassuring them through any periods of discomfort and cramping during the irrigation.

I truly feel colonics have turned my health around.

Since beginning my therapy I am taking better care of myself overall�eating better, exercising, drinking water, and avoiding carbonated drinks. I will continue with my colonics and have complete confidence that my lifelong problem with constipation will resolve.

Once again, I recommend Ms. Long to you. She is a true healer and teacher. My life has been enriched by my experience with her, and I look forward to our continued relationship.

Sincerely yours, Gayle A. R., M.D

Dear Joyce,


I wanted to tell you how much the lymphatic clearings and colonics have changed me and my life! Since beginning these therapies in October, I have noticed changes in my body, my attitudes, and my relationships, some subtle, others not so subtle.

My body has reduced itself by 11 pounds, and the inches have also decreased, but I have no idea by how much. I feel “light” and am calmer in my daily living. My skin is much clearer and seems more translucent. People I work with have asked me if I have changed my makeup (well, in a way, yes!), have commented on my slimmer self (!), and told me I “look pretty,” all within one month! I no longer drink carbonated beverages as I used to. I just don’t want them as often. When I do, a few sips, and I’m satisfied. I drink LOTS of water and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits. It’s a “no-brainer” because I don’t even THINK about eating as I did before. Spirit leads the way, and I follow. It’s been a painless transition!


My relationship with D. has moved to a different level. He is more affectionate and has taken me shopping (“buy anything you want”) and out to dinner twice this month! I speak up more often and can tell a difference in how I feel before I respond to him. (This was noticed after my session with Star!) He is more open with me and has told me how much he wants our relationship to ‘work out”. He has spoken of how he wants to change his ways and how I am “the one” for him. He doesn’t know about my sessions with you; could he perceive the change in me more subtly? (I say yes!) I don’t know where this relationship will lead, but the ride has become more enjoyable!


People I meet daily seem to relate to me more personally than before, which is quite something to behold. I’ve always been outgoing and friendly, but this new thing is more on a soul level. I can’t fully describe it! I seem to be noticed more when I am out and about. Sales clerks in stores have commented on my clothes (“I love your outfit” and “I like what you have on”), even when I’m just walking by their counter, and out of the corner of my eye, I notice passersby looking at me noticing me! The same thing happens in restaurants.


I am calmer in my perceptions of life situations. Even the intense traffic on the Katy Freeway at rush hour doesn’t bother me as it used to. Also, I seem to be more psychic in traffic that is, I am “told” to “watch” a particular car, and I have avoided two accidents that could have been very unfortunate. (One was avoided when I left the Wellness Center after sessions with you and Star, and I believe that one could have been fatal!) I think I must be living in the “now.” I never quite understood what that meant, but I feel that is what is happening to me.

Even my Mentors in spirit have commented on my Light! I was told over the weekend that certain areas Star had encoded with Light were shining brightly, and I didn’t mention anything about anything to them! Interesting, yes? YES!!! I was looking over past readings I received from my personal psychic (several years’ worth!), and I ran across something you might find as “funny” as I did: the name JOYCE! I am sometimes given names of people in my readings; many I do not know at the time the reading is given but whom I will know at some point in time. There you were, now here you are! Also, several years ago, I received a reading by a local psychic, the likes of which I have never had before or since. In it, she used cards made of pictures she had taken with a camera or cut out of magazines. There were several pictures in my reading of water flowing into caves and out of caves. The idea was “to go within yourself for the answers.” We have been doing this EXACTLY with the colonics and lymphatic clearing! Isn’t it a hoot? The Universe is so cool!  and has such a great sense of humor!


I’m so glad I met you, Joyce. You are a blessing to so many people. I have it on very fine authority that you have quite a place in Heaven when you are ready! I love you very much, and I keep you and the great work you do for others in my daily prayers. I feel as if I have known you a very long time, and that goes for dear Star, too. Words fail to fully express my joy in experiencing the process of finding out who I am. I’ve waited so long to fully realize my Being-ness, and I was guided by an old friend on the journey. ISN’T IT GREAT?


From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!

With Love and Light from your friend, Melissa C.


PS. And this is only after a month! Can you imagine the future? WOW

Dear Joyce,


I want to thank you again for working with me to get through this healing crisis I have been in. The reports I have gotten from the doctors are all good, and I know the weekly colonics are one of the things that have made a difference. I have more energy, my skin looks better, and I feel lots cleaner, which makes me feel good, and my health is improving daily.


You are an angel, not just to me but to many of us, and I appreciate that you give your life to support health in others. Your center is the best colonics center in Houston you have the most state-of-the-art equipment, and I’ve never had one doubt about the sterility of your operation, which means a lot to a Virgo. Keep up the good work!


I hope everything is going okay with your move. I know you will be glad when everything is settled again. We have another dance on December 1st. I’m enclosing a ticket for you. You probably need to “kick up your heels” a little, and we would love for you to be there.


Again, thanks for everything.


Love, Emily



My 22 year old daughter, having achieved excellent results from colonics at the Wellness Center, insisted I see Joyce long.


November 1, 1994, began my colonics treatment. I was so ill during the procedure I did not want to return. Joyce, patiently reassured, encouraged, and explained to me why I needed to detoxify. My body was full of silicone gel. I had been one of those women, very ill and getting worse, physically.


The following day I saw Steven S., D.C., N.D., The lab report revealed elevated cholesterol and platelets of 353, normal ct., 175 to 250, swollen liver cells, pancreatic, calcium, and magnesium deficiencies, poor metabolic use of fats, poor protein utilization. I received 8 bottles of different supplemental and was told “your liver is causing all your problems. You need colonics badly.”


I begin to gradually improve after second colonic and have continued receiving colonics on a weekly basis. I am 95% improved. Colonics saved my life.


Joyce says I’m a “Miracle”�we give the glory to the Lord. My health is being restored. I am recovering daily. Thank God for colonic hydrotherapy, the Wellness Center, and the lady with a heart of God, Joyce Long.


With much respect, Peggy M. C., Licensed Vocational Nurse

I began to feel ill last October. I experienced symptoms such as chronic fatigue and sudden shivers. My appetite was very poor, and I had trouble digesting foods. Soon all I could have was a piece of bread and a glass of beer. I later noticed that my eyesight was diminishing, and I was subject to pains that would randomly occur in various parts of my body. I had shortness of breath whenever I made the least effort, specifically in cold weather. It was supposed that I might have asthma or bronchitis. My immune system weakened, and I experienced flu-like symptoms such as swollen lymph glands, a dry cough, and shivers, but no fever. Being a usually active person, these accumulated health problems and the loss of energy resulting from the toxins made me depressed. I followed treatments in Switzerland, France, and Italy, but they were all unsuccessful, sometimes causing my condition to worsen. My sister suggested I come to Houston and see a therapist specializing in colonic and massage therapy. The plane trip proved to be a great ordeal due to my breathing problems, and I had doubts I would even make it to Houston.


My sister took me to Joyce Long, who immediately began colonic irrigation. What had occurred to my sister and Joyce Long was the link between my present condition and the fact that for several years I had been subject to chronic constipation�a detail that other doctors had overlooked or had not given enough importance to. Once I began the treatments to eliminate the toxins building in my system, I went through a healing crisis. For about three weeks, I felt like I was on my deathbed. Yet, each day, I noticed a small improvement in my condition.


After three weeks, I started to feel significantly better. My lymph glands began to un-swell, my breathing was regular, my eyesight improved, and my appetite returned. Now, by following a treatment to maintain my health in a good condition, I will be able to return to my country and continue my life as actively as I used to.

I am very grateful to Joyce Long, not only for having found my problem and having helped it with the treatments I followed and for her compassion and support during this ordeal. She gave me hope and an answer when other doctors simply gave up on me. I am very confident in the therapy that Joyce Long practices and will never be able to thank her enough for all she has done.


Very B.

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